hey hi, i'm huddson, you can also call me Cecil or Ffwsia! pronounced FOO-sya. i use it/its pronouns, but not they/them, ty! i'm a minor from Canada, i'm autistic, ADHD, some other mental stuff, physically disabled, pagan, and uhhh i think that's about it? my important labels at least. oh and i'm two-spirit!! (yes i'm Native, i'm Metis) also i'm queer and polyam. you'll notice i use a lot of labels and that's just for my mental health asdasdadasda


i do a LOT of digital art, i started out as a furry artist but now i do both furry AND human stuff! also paintings sometimes. i absolutely love doing art for people so you can just waltz up and ask if you want, but there aren't guarantees that it'll happen anytime in the next few months fsdfsdfsdfs i lose track of things easily and i tend to have low motivation.


i have a lot of OCs and a lot of them are from my writing. i write a lot! i want to do writing as a career! that or social psychology


uhhh interests i guess:

- Animal Crossing New Horizons (ask if you want to play!!!)

- Welcome To Night Vale (i've only listened as far as episode 139 bcause can't focus on podcasts)

- SCP Foundation (mostly the researchers!)

- worldbuilding!!!!! (ask me about my worlds!!!!)

- D&D!!!! D&D DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS (i'm starting my first campaign soon!!!!)


and to a lesser extent:

- Don't Starve (don't play much anymore though)

- Warriors (i don't really read the books anymore but i still love my OCs)

- closed species! (mostly the ones on ChickenSmoothie)

- some musicals (Phantom Of The Opera mostly these days)



other places you can find me: i'll add links if i figure out how btw

ArtFight: huddson

ChickenSmoothie: huddson

Toyhouse: huddson

Discord: petrichor#4405 (lmk if you send a friend request so i don't deny)

Twitter: huddsonart