byf & some opinions of mine u should know

ok strict don't interact is:

- bigoted (-phobic, TERF, SWERF, islamophobic, antisemite, anti-paganism, exclusionist, nazi, Trump supporter, racist, ableist)

- pedo / pedo apologist / MAP / think aging up characters to lewd them is ok

- art thief / design thief / character thief

- those who use slurs they can't reclaim (r*tard is a slur y'all, same with f*mboy, and ps*cho)


little more loose with this stuff, y'all can still follow and stuff, but y'all should know i don't really like you:

- truscum (but if you refuse to accept "transtrenders" in the slightest or don't use their pronouns, strict dni)

- capitalists

- make offbrand species

- use "high functioning" and "low functioning" in regards to autistic people


some opinions of mine y'all should know before following (none are bad but i feel like a disclaimer is important)


- i tend to be an anarchist when it comes to politics, though i could stand to do more research

- nobody is illegal on stolen land

- pro-choice