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ok i've been on here for like.... an hour now i guess? and this place seems p cool! y'all seem chill, so i'm gonna start posting my art here! actually i'm gonna go to bed first but then, tomorrow, i will draw something and post it here

i'm trying to find a site other than ChickenSmoothie so that's where i'm coming from ig. i just got really fucking fed up with them protecting art thieves, bigots, and genuinely bad people. so yeah, need a spot to share my art that's not that

feel free to message me if you want to chat!! i'm Cecil / Ffwsia btw, i use he/him, i'm 16, and i'll add more info once i figure out how this site works lol

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shit, hit enter too early. ty Sofia!!

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welcome to waterfall cecil!! Hope you have fun around here! Looking forward to seeing your art ^^

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