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just some gals being pals

this didn't really get that much attention when i posted it to ChickenSmoothie so i wanted to post it here too!!

the one on the left is named Phyllis, the one on the right is named Opal, and they're two OCs i've treasured for years but am only just drawing as they were primarily used in writing before! they're dating but they do it secretly, because Phyllis is best friends with a guy named Zachary but Zachary and Opal are bitter rivals (they work at the same coffee shop and they constantly try to outdo each other in their art). so Phyllis is worried that Zachary would be upset at her if he knew she was dating Opal, and while Opal doesn't get it she understands that it's important to her girlfriend, so she respects her desire to keep the relationship hidden!

aaaaaa i love these OCs so so much i can ramble about them for ages!!!