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bought realistic paint studio since it's on sale for $10 and i thought it would be cute for sketching. i really liked the pencils and pastels brush physics and will probably use those to do thumbnail sketches. i don't know enough about watercolors or oil paints to comment on those, but the brush textures seem pretty nice.

If you're looking at reviews for this, i think most of them were made in october or at least before ver 1.20 came out. v1.20 fixes some of the issues people had, mainly to do with canvases being locked to 72dpi (you can make a custom canvas and change the dpi/dimensions) and the frames being tied to whether you're saving as png or jpg


@UnidentifiedBlog commented:
Is that digital art? That looks very realistic!

yeah! i used a software that seeks to emulate the experience of drawing on paper/canvas/etc as much as possible, so they have super hi-res textures that make anything drawn there seem very realistic. there's also these "frames" you can have when exporting your art to make it seem like you drew it irl lol