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Hi! I'm Tyra


I'm 20 in a month, and I live with my boyfriend in a medium sized town on the coast of Norway. I'm plural, disabled, chronically ill, mentally ill, and neurodivergent. Also queer. Happy pride month!

I like to write stories, make art, listen to music, eat good food, and every now and then meet friends.

I want to use this blog to ramble and share what I create. I'll try my best to be active!

Askbox should be open!

Please reblog so I can follow if you are/post about:

- disabled

- chronically ill

- mentally ill


- artist

- writer

- memes

- cute animals

- positivity

That's all! Have a great day<3


hi i'm also new here!! i'm also plural too, it's cool to see another on here!!!